You are Moving Out? Then Never miss these

Your life is busier than ever, your job is challenging, the to-do lists are the things you go to bed and wake up with; they are hanging on the doors of your fridge or are somewhere hidden in the blank pages of your organizer and diary. And right in that moment, when you have deadlines and projects and presentations, you are moving out. Perhaps in the past it was all way more facile. People got days off and coped with this situation as they should. They were calmly packing and unpacking and there was no tense. But that was the past. The present has harsh reality we are step by step getting used to. And as there won’t be a moment better than this one till next summer, you are forced to plan your move out for a day, full of tasks and duties. And, yes, you are nervous. You are hating it. But the truth is that life is unfair, totally unfair, and as soon as you stop taking everything personal and are more open-minded as better it would be for your own happiness. So grab a cup of nice black, strong and aromatic coffee, roll up your sleeves and just move out, while being at work. Here are the things you should pay attention to.

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The end of tenancy cleaning

This is not a simple cleaning and you shall know that pretty well. It is a deep, specialized clean-up that aims to bring the rented accommodation in the same wonderful condition you found it, when you first moved in. This cleaning ends with inspection and this inspection ends with the decision whether you will have your security deposit back or not. And when it is all about money, you better not take any risks and trust the professionals. Or differently said, hire one of the best London’s cleaners and be sure that you are done with this stuff.17233058042_e2d62cb965_o

The space planning

That move out thing is coming to an end, you are going home at the end of the day and there is a place full of boxes and things and you could hardly step on the floor, so you are getting mad. Well, plan the space organization in advance and within an hour you will be able to arrange everything nicely thus. What you need to do is to find out where every single thing belongs before you go there and notice that mess. With the help of a few friends, you will have dinner on the dining table of a perfectly arranged home.

The papers

No matter if you are leaving that rented property to go to another rented one or you have finally managed to buy a home, this move out process is undoubtedly connected with a lot of papers you need to take care of. Read. The new rent agreement is something you should be aware of and the papers about the mortgage or the loan, as well.