Top 3 Outfits Perfect for Any Occasion

If there is one thing that is super annoying, this is for sure deciding to go out for the day or for the night and spending hours in the closet, not being able to decide what to wear. This is the nightmare of every woman and let’s be honest of many men, as well. But what if I tell you that it could be much easier if you have a few back-up plans? They always work, don’t they? And when we are talking about clothes, choosing what to wear, when you have no time, would be much easier if you have prepared a few outfits in advance.6458297021_7840925d4c_o (1)

The casual outfit

This one is for an afternoon tea with that friend you haven’t seen for a while or for a walk in the park with your beloved one. It has to be comfortable and to look fancy as well. The simple decision is a nice pair of skinny jeans, ripped ones, for sure, which you can combine with a cosy sweater and pair of boots. Complete the outfit with a few pieces of jewellery and a big handbag.

The casual, but dressy outfit

The occasion is the same, but here you want a classier and girlier look. So my advice is to rely on a nice colourful dress. The bag for this outfit much be smaller and the accent should be on the jewellery. Choose even a nice lip-gloss that will fit your outfit in advance.

The festive outfit

The occasion is special. You are either going to party, to a date, to your mother’s birthday or whatever thing that requires more festive look. Here you can rely either on a plainer dress or on a nice pencil skirt. The shoes are mandatorily high and the bag is a clutch. Pure perfection.