A hairstyle can make or break your look

Hair extensions are fast becoming very trendy and it is the new ‘’must have’’ fashion accessory. Hair extensions are so versatile and is available in any texture, length or colour.

So, what are hair extensions made of?

Hair extensions can be made of 100 % natural or synthetic hair. Virgin natural hair extensions are the finest quality and is rather expensive, as the cuticle of the natural hair is well-preserved and all the hair runs in one path, giving it the most natural look. If you are on budget, then synthetic hair extensions are a much cheaper choice. However, synthetic hair is not suited for heat styling and the hair gets tangled very easily, synthetic extensions are good for anyone who wants a momentary change in their hairstyle. And with synthetic hair it does not require much maintenance when compared to natural hair extensions.

Reasons to choose Hair Extensions

There can be numerous reasons for someone to go in for hair extensions.

There are many people who experience little or no hair growth and they can go for these hair extensions to add extra length and volume to their hair.

Hair extensions gives a person a new look like a fringe or a specific cut.

Gives one added volume to their own hair. Also, change the colour to your hair without adding chemicals to your own hair.

A few things to take note of before getting

Hair Extensions

As the trend of funky or sophisticated hairstyles moves from celebrities to individuals like us we keep looking for ways to change our hairstyles but take note as there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before adding hair extensions on your head.


  • Make sure you seek professional help when it comes to installing your hair extensions as it may look easy to do on your own, but doing so can harm your hair.

  • The extensions that you secure in your natural hair should not be too tight. If you are feeling any sort of pain or uneasiness, instantly talk to your hair stylist and get it corrected.


  • Always go for extensions that are of the best quality, despite the fact the extensions might be more expensive. You don’t want fittings in your hair that can cause harm later.


  • Make sure to take the very best care of your natural hair. Hair that is damaged cannot tolerate much styling, even if it is only hair extensions. Extensions should be oiled regularly, and maintain regular treatments and extensions should be given the best care so you get the value for your money.


Just as you wash your very own natural hair similarly hair extensions will need the very same treatment. And only hair products that are recommended for the type of hair extension should be used.

Understanding the different hair lengths

Understanding Hair Grading

The standard A grading system is used by hair manufacturing companies to determine how thick the ends of hair should be.

Hair grading is imperative has this guarantees that your hair extensions are thick and full to the ends. Hair extensions start from the lowest grade A which is the lowest grade meaning the hair is very thin at the ends, then you get the good grades are 5A 7A 8A.

Grade 7A/8A means you will be getting the very best quality hair extensions as these grades (7A/8A) is the highest grade of hair.

Hair grading is very important as this is a way of making sure that you receive the very best of hair extensions.