How can we save from entertainment?

Several years ago, research in European countries showed a strange dependency: The poorer one country, the more its residents are willing to spend money in restaurants and pubs. Going on a pub with friends is one of the more affordable and less expensive entertainment. And this deceptive feeling makes us spend money that we do not realize that we can always save.

If you make an experiment to describe all the less expensive spending you’ve done to “let the soul” or “social life,” you’ll see that the amount is not that small monthly.That’s why we chose possible alternatives to the different entertainment we love to spend.

Party at home

Image of home partyThis forgotten practice is rarely even used by teenagers. And there is nothing better than a home guest, where you define the rules yourself (and the closing time). Of course, it’s not as easy as picking up a phone and keeping a table in a restaurant. But it is much cheaper and no one has said that it is necessary to prepare a lot of difficult dishes to take two days of sweat over the stove. In the presence of a patio or terrace guests can become a barbecue with friends, which is invariably associated with a good mood.

Going in the park

Image of parkThe weather is still warm enough to organize a meeting with friends in the park. You can make a picnic. And if there are kids, it’s even better to have fun than to look for a restaurant with a children’s playground. The coup in the park requires even less preparation and costs than inviting guests home.

With friends in the mountains

It is nice, and it’s useful. A walk in the nearby mountain, which can end and lunch in a hut (tasty and cheap), is a Image of mountaingreat choice for the weekend. If you are on hiking, just get out of the settlement and have a picnic in the nature – on a meadow, near a lake or a dam. It may be a walk to a nearby natural or cultural landmark.

Cinema at home

In cooler days, the choice to meet friends is cinema. Summing up ticket money and glasses, popcorn and car … These are at least 20 – 30 pounds. Why do not you gather to watch a movie at home? The experience is not exactly the same, but at least you will understand that you are a company. Something that is not happening in cinema is so, and that’s why it’s often accompanied by a visit to the nearby pub after the movie. And this is another cost you can save.

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If you have overcome the summer fun and you have no money for the increased autumn costs or vice versa – you have not stopped working all summer and intend to have fun with a late September break, with same day loans opportunities you can do it.