A Trip in February is Your Best Option: How So?

Travelling is what makes you happy.

It brings emotions in your life. It brings joy and makes you wonder. Travelling is curiosity. When you leave your home, you are being another self. You are travelling the world, losing the ground under your feet, you are meeting new people, new places.

travel-695573_960_720You are inspired by the art of old people and young one, by the ancient architecture and ancient history and by recent one, as well. Travelling makes you wiser. It opens your mind. But unfortunately, travelling requires a lot of money and a lot of time. You need to plan everything in advance, because you need to take some days off. You need to spend a lot for a plane tickets or train ones, for hotels and museums and lunches in lovely and charming little bistros in small town in country you have never been in before.

But there is a month, which is surely the best for planning a trip. The first part is the financial one. In this month, the tickets for almost every kind of transportation are the cheapest and it is pretty logical, because after the holidays, after Christmas and New Year’s Eve almost no one travels at all. Thus you will spend remarkably less money than in the middle of the summer or even in March. The next part is about the queues. Isn’t it super annoying to go fly 10 hours to get to a place and then to wait 5 hours in a queue, waiting to get in a museum, gallery or whatever. Luckily in February there are almost no queues. And last but not least, in this month you will be able to take days off most easily, because in the summer when everything is going abroad it is way harder.