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What is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine cholinergic is a compound and it consists of a constituent called DMAE.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is an organic composite that I naturally formed the in human brain and can be found in food sources like fish.

The centrophenoxine helps in absorption and it helps increase the transference across the blood barrier.

Centrophenoxine helps an individual by enhancing their memory, giving them better moods, boosts alertness and improves their learning ability.

How does this nootropic help improve memory?

Centrophenoxine is a choline supplement that binds with the chemical in the brain know as a neurotransmitter. This process help the substances to be absorbed into neurotransmitters and helps enhance an individual’s cognition. Not only helps with memory but also neuromuscular control. The centrophenoxine main function is to help increase the acetylcholine levels in the brain and enhancing thought processes that is associated with memory and reasoning.

How does this nootropic enhance brain power?

Centrophenoxine helps build new neurons in the brain and as they advance over time the results are improved cognition. There is a communication within the neurons in the brain actually giving the brain an overall workout. As this helps the communicate information more proficiently and encourages imaginative thought. Centrophenoxine helps enhance the brain in many ways its main function is to stimulate memory.

Benefits and the effects of Centrophenoxine


Centrophenoxine protects the brain from age-related decline, it helps eradicate toxins and repairs cells that are damaged

Increased energy

An individual on this supplement receives a boost in their energy.

Mood and Motivation

An immense change in an individual’s mood, and works as a good anti-depressant, the individual has more confidence and is motivated to achieve their maximum potential

Improved brain function

It helps stimulate the brain and helping an individual brain to function more efficiently giving one much clear thinking ability and enhanced memory and makes learning so much easier.

Side effects

This nootropic supplement is very safe to take. There is some mild side effects experienced in some users such as nausea, headaches and gastrointestinal issues.


Centrophenoxine is an effective nootropic with amazing results. This supplement enhances cognition. People on other nootropics can use centrophenoxine as the choline works well with those nootropic supplements. Centrophenoxine is an all in one multipurpose nootropic helping individuals boost their memory, focus, learning ability, flushes toxins from cells, and prevent age related deterioration.

A Trip in February is Your Best Option: How So?

Travelling is what makes you happy.

It brings emotions in your life. It brings joy and makes you wonder. Travelling is curiosity. When you leave your home, you are being another self. You are travelling the world, losing the ground under your feet, you are meeting new people, new places.

travel-695573_960_720You are inspired by the art of old people and young one, by the ancient architecture and ancient history and by recent one, as well. Travelling makes you wiser. It opens your mind. But unfortunately, travelling requires a lot of money and a lot of time. You need to plan everything in advance, because you need to take some days off. You need to spend a lot for a plane tickets or train ones, for hotels and museums and lunches in lovely and charming little bistros in small town in country you have never been in before.

But there is a month, which is surely the best for planning a trip. The first part is the financial one. In this month, the tickets for almost every kind of transportation are the cheapest and it is pretty logical, because after the holidays, after Christmas and New Year’s Eve almost no one travels at all. Thus you will spend remarkably less money than in the middle of the summer or even in March. The next part is about the queues. Isn’t it super annoying to go fly 10 hours to get to a place and then to wait 5 hours in a queue, waiting to get in a museum, gallery or whatever. Luckily in February there are almost no queues. And last but not least, in this month you will be able to take days off most easily, because in the summer when everything is going abroad it is way harder.

How to Survive through January with Minimal Amount of Money

We all love Christmas. Well, maybe not all, but most of us. We don’t mind spending money on Christmas decoration, on food that we are going to prepare for the festive lunch. We don’t mind spending money on Christmas shopping, we love buying presents and giving them to those we love, because here is the magic of this day hidden. Christmas is love and friendship and sharing the same value, while sharing emotions and sensations.

Love for money

Love for money

So the money you spend then, are simply well spent. However, when the holidays are over and you are back to basics, back to work, back to school, you have to cope with different kind of problems. The money you have spent around Christmas, that great amount of them, has made you broke. And the only question that is now bothering you is how could you survive the whole next month?

Be rational

No matter if it is before the actual Christmas day or after that, you need to be always rational. Before buying whatever it is, you need to ask yourself if this is the right option, the best choice. Only after you have convinced yourself that this is the thing you want and you have thought a couple of time about this purchase, you are ready to buy. Being rational is something that could save your life not only around the holidays. So as soon as you learn being that rational as happier your life would be.

Make a budget

And if you have already spent too much and you are already too broke to survive, what you need is a budget, a properly prepared one. Write down all your incomes and expenses and think of the things you could not buy this month.