How can we save from entertainment?

How can we save from entertainment?

Several years ago, research in European countries showed a strange dependency: The poorer one country, the more its residents are willing to spend money in restaurants and pubs. Going on a pub with friends is one of the more affordable and less expensive entertainment. And this deceptive feeling makes us spend money that we do not realize that we can always save.

If you make an experiment to describe all the less expensive spending you’ve done to “let the soul” or “social life,” you’ll see that the amount is not that small monthly.That’s why we chose possible alternatives to the different entertainment we love to spend.

Party at home

Image of home partyThis forgotten practice is rarely even used by teenagers. And there is nothing better than a home guest, where you define the rules yourself (and the closing time). Of course, it’s not as easy as picking up a phone and keeping a table in a restaurant. But it is much cheaper and no one has said that it is necessary to prepare a lot of difficult dishes to take two days of sweat over the stove. In the presence of a patio or terrace guests can become a barbecue with friends, which is invariably associated with a good mood.

Going in the park

Image of parkThe weather is still warm enough to organize a meeting with friends in the park. You can make a picnic. And if there are kids, it’s even better to have fun than to look for a restaurant with a children’s playground. The coup in the park requires even less preparation and costs than inviting guests home.

With friends in the mountains

It is nice, and it’s useful. A walk in the nearby mountain, which can end and lunch in a hut (tasty and cheap), is a Image of mountaingreat choice for the weekend. If you are on hiking, just get out of the settlement and have a picnic in the nature – on a meadow, near a lake or a dam. It may be a walk to a nearby natural or cultural landmark.

Cinema at home

In cooler days, the choice to meet friends is cinema. Summing up ticket money and glasses, popcorn and car … These are at least 20 – 30 pounds. Why do not you gather to watch a movie at home? The experience is not exactly the same, but at least you will understand that you are a company. Something that is not happening in cinema is so, and that’s why it’s often accompanied by a visit to the nearby pub after the movie. And this is another cost you can save.

You can see the offers for home cinema on

If you have overcome the summer fun and you have no money for the increased autumn costs or vice versa – you have not stopped working all summer and intend to have fun with a late September break, with same day loans opportunities you can do it.


A hairstyle can make or break your look

Hair extensions are fast becoming very trendy and it is the new ‘’must have’’ fashion accessory. Hair extensions are so versatile and is available in any texture, length or colour.

So, what are hair extensions made of?

Hair extensions can be made of 100 % natural or synthetic hair. Virgin natural hair extensions are the finest quality and is rather expensive, as the cuticle of the natural hair is well-preserved and all the hair runs in one path, giving it the most natural look. If you are on budget, then synthetic hair extensions are a much cheaper choice. However, synthetic hair is not suited for heat styling and the hair gets tangled very easily, synthetic extensions are good for anyone who wants a momentary change in their hairstyle. And with synthetic hair it does not require much maintenance when compared to natural hair extensions.

Reasons to choose Hair Extensions

There can be numerous reasons for someone to go in for hair extensions.

There are many people who experience little or no hair growth and they can go for these hair extensions to add extra length and volume to their hair.

Hair extensions gives a person a new look like a fringe or a specific cut.

Gives one added volume to their own hair. Also, change the colour to your hair without adding chemicals to your own hair.

A few things to take note of before getting

Hair Extensions

As the trend of funky or sophisticated hairstyles moves from celebrities to individuals like us we keep looking for ways to change our hairstyles but take note as there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before adding hair extensions on your head.


  • Make sure you seek professional help when it comes to installing your hair extensions as it may look easy to do on your own, but doing so can harm your hair.

  • The extensions that you secure in your natural hair should not be too tight. If you are feeling any sort of pain or uneasiness, instantly talk to your hair stylist and get it corrected.


  • Always go for extensions that are of the best quality, despite the fact the extensions might be more expensive. You don’t want fittings in your hair that can cause harm later.


  • Make sure to take the very best care of your natural hair. Hair that is damaged cannot tolerate much styling, even if it is only hair extensions. Extensions should be oiled regularly, and maintain regular treatments and extensions should be given the best care so you get the value for your money.


Just as you wash your very own natural hair similarly hair extensions will need the very same treatment. And only hair products that are recommended for the type of hair extension should be used.

Understanding the different hair lengths

Understanding Hair Grading

The standard A grading system is used by hair manufacturing companies to determine how thick the ends of hair should be.

Hair grading is imperative has this guarantees that your hair extensions are thick and full to the ends. Hair extensions start from the lowest grade A which is the lowest grade meaning the hair is very thin at the ends, then you get the good grades are 5A 7A 8A.

Grade 7A/8A means you will be getting the very best quality hair extensions as these grades (7A/8A) is the highest grade of hair.

Hair grading is very important as this is a way of making sure that you receive the very best of hair extensions.

What is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine cholinergic is a compound and it consists of a constituent called DMAE.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is an organic composite that I naturally formed the in human brain and can be found in food sources like fish.

The centrophenoxine helps in absorption and it helps increase the transference across the blood barrier.

Centrophenoxine helps an individual by enhancing their memory, giving them better moods, boosts alertness and improves their learning ability.

How does this nootropic help improve memory?

Centrophenoxine is a choline supplement that binds with the chemical in the brain know as a neurotransmitter. This process help the substances to be absorbed into neurotransmitters and helps enhance an individual’s cognition. Not only helps with memory but also neuromuscular control. The centrophenoxine main function is to help increase the acetylcholine levels in the brain and enhancing thought processes that is associated with memory and reasoning.

How does this nootropic enhance brain power?

Centrophenoxine helps build new neurons in the brain and as they advance over time the results are improved cognition. There is a communication within the neurons in the brain actually giving the brain an overall workout. As this helps the communicate information more proficiently and encourages imaginative thought. Centrophenoxine helps enhance the brain in many ways its main function is to stimulate memory.

Benefits and the effects of Centrophenoxine


Centrophenoxine protects the brain from age-related decline, it helps eradicate toxins and repairs cells that are damaged

Increased energy

An individual on this supplement receives a boost in their energy.

Mood and Motivation

An immense change in an individual’s mood, and works as a good anti-depressant, the individual has more confidence and is motivated to achieve their maximum potential

Improved brain function

It helps stimulate the brain and helping an individual brain to function more efficiently giving one much clear thinking ability and enhanced memory and makes learning so much easier.

Side effects

This nootropic supplement is very safe to take. There is some mild side effects experienced in some users such as nausea, headaches and gastrointestinal issues.


Centrophenoxine is an effective nootropic with amazing results. This supplement enhances cognition. People on other nootropics can use centrophenoxine as the choline works well with those nootropic supplements. Centrophenoxine is an all in one multipurpose nootropic helping individuals boost their memory, focus, learning ability, flushes toxins from cells, and prevent age related deterioration.

Islington Folks No Longer Worry About Move Out Cleanings

The most irritating, unpleasant and challenging task of them all – the end of tenancy cleaning is something we all have to face sooner or later in life. And this is surely not our happy time. This cleaning is demanding and beyond the strengths of any person as unprofessional, which directly means that we need to find a specifically efficient cleaning team that could make even our messy homes look perfect and pass the inspection. And if you believe that this task is somehow easier, then you have totally misunderstood everything. bucket-303485_960_720Finding a well-prepared, skilful, polite and punctual cleaning team is just as hard as finding a unicorn unless you live in Islington. People there could live happily ever after and never worry about the move out cleaning again because the most efficient cleaners just arrived in the neighbourhood. And if you wonder what are they doing better than all the others, then you need to check this list.

You can always find more information about end of tenancy cleaning checklists on this website.


When you call their manager to arrange an appointment for such a cleaning, he or she always asks you for some details. They want to know as much as possible about your house or apartment because they want to come well-prepared. So tell them everything about your house and they will clean it perfectly well, achieving amazing final results.


This is the core of every cleaning, the most important and determining part and these Islington cleaners are absolute experts in efficiency. They know what to do and how to do it. They are never wasting neither their nor your time. The cleaning products and tools they use also help, as they are professional, strong, environmental friendly and innovative. And as these cleaners have the experience needed to be more than effective, they achieve perfection.

From the First Word to the Seventh Page: How to Write an Effective College Essay

Right after you have left high school, you are jumping into the unknown and going to college. You are excited and enthusiastic and you believe that it cannot be that hard, that you will make new friends, have a high GPA, travel, explore, and learn and so on, all in the same time. But this belief is something like butterflies and unicorns for the college life. It is hard to accomplish and so, so rare. And right in that moment, when your enthusiasm is higher than Everest, you are going into English 101 class and you think that this should be an easy-peasy task. However, only after you get the syllabus and notice the three huge essays you are supposed to write, you are shocked. And with the time, nothing gets better. The teacher starts presenting them one by one and you start getting more and more anxious. Not only that these texts you will have to craft have nothing in common with those you have been writing for years, but their length is also astonishing. The moment you get that first 5-page long graded draft, you prefer climbing Everest than writing another essay like that. But the reality is harsh, life is hard and there is no one that will come and save you. Just you. Just work.


Creating something new, unique, starting from nothing and writing a text that is fascinating and inspiring requires a lot of skills. But first of all it requires ideas. So get a blank piece of paper and a pen, sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and write all the things that come to your mind. Map them well. Everything you will write in this essay should be there for a reason. Empty words that will fill the pages and say nothing are not welcome, so think well, write ideas and be creative.



Then write a first draft. Though you may not be sure how exactly your essay has to look like, you should know that without writing it out, without completing this first draft, you cannot find out what fails. In this first draft the grammar, the punctuation, the spelling doesn’t matter. Here what matters are the ideas and how they are arranged. So write as much as you can, include details and be specific.


When you have already written that first draft, leave it. Don’t start proofreading it then, because it won’t be successful at all. After a while read it and think of the things that could be improved. Maybe you can add something more in the content or maybe you could use stronger words, that will make it more effective, maybe you can rely on some constructions that will make this essay an outstanding one. This proofreading part is the most important one, because right here you are turning your draft in a complete essay. Be careful, be specific, be creative. Writing an essay is an art.

A Trip in February is Your Best Option: How So?

Travelling is what makes you happy.

It brings emotions in your life. It brings joy and makes you wonder. Travelling is curiosity. When you leave your home, you are being another self. You are travelling the world, losing the ground under your feet, you are meeting new people, new places.

travel-695573_960_720You are inspired by the art of old people and young one, by the ancient architecture and ancient history and by recent one, as well. Travelling makes you wiser. It opens your mind. But unfortunately, travelling requires a lot of money and a lot of time. You need to plan everything in advance, because you need to take some days off. You need to spend a lot for a plane tickets or train ones, for hotels and museums and lunches in lovely and charming little bistros in small town in country you have never been in before.

But there is a month, which is surely the best for planning a trip. The first part is the financial one. In this month, the tickets for almost every kind of transportation are the cheapest and it is pretty logical, because after the holidays, after Christmas and New Year’s Eve almost no one travels at all. Thus you will spend remarkably less money than in the middle of the summer or even in March. The next part is about the queues. Isn’t it super annoying to go fly 10 hours to get to a place and then to wait 5 hours in a queue, waiting to get in a museum, gallery or whatever. Luckily in February there are almost no queues. And last but not least, in this month you will be able to take days off most easily, because in the summer when everything is going abroad it is way harder.

How to Survive through January with Minimal Amount of Money

We all love Christmas. Well, maybe not all, but most of us. We don’t mind spending money on Christmas decoration, on food that we are going to prepare for the festive lunch. We don’t mind spending money on Christmas shopping, we love buying presents and giving them to those we love, because here is the magic of this day hidden. Christmas is love and friendship and sharing the same value, while sharing emotions and sensations.

Love for money

Love for money

So the money you spend then, are simply well spent. However, when the holidays are over and you are back to basics, back to work, back to school, you have to cope with different kind of problems. The money you have spent around Christmas, that great amount of them, has made you broke. And the only question that is now bothering you is how could you survive the whole next month?

Be rational

No matter if it is before the actual Christmas day or after that, you need to be always rational. Before buying whatever it is, you need to ask yourself if this is the right option, the best choice. Only after you have convinced yourself that this is the thing you want and you have thought a couple of time about this purchase, you are ready to buy. Being rational is something that could save your life not only around the holidays. So as soon as you learn being that rational as happier your life would be.

Make a budget

And if you have already spent too much and you are already too broke to survive, what you need is a budget, a properly prepared one. Write down all your incomes and expenses and think of the things you could not buy this month.

You are Moving Out? Then Never miss these

Your life is busier than ever, your job is challenging, the to-do lists are the things you go to bed and wake up with; they are hanging on the doors of your fridge or are somewhere hidden in the blank pages of your organizer and diary. And right in that moment, when you have deadlines and projects and presentations, you are moving out. Perhaps in the past it was all way more facile. People got days off and coped with this situation as they should. They were calmly packing and unpacking and there was no tense. But that was the past. The present has harsh reality we are step by step getting used to. And as there won’t be a moment better than this one till next summer, you are forced to plan your move out for a day, full of tasks and duties. And, yes, you are nervous. You are hating it. But the truth is that life is unfair, totally unfair, and as soon as you stop taking everything personal and are more open-minded as better it would be for your own happiness. So grab a cup of nice black, strong and aromatic coffee, roll up your sleeves and just move out, while being at work. Here are the things you should pay attention to.

SYK Cleaning have some good tips that can help you with the end of tenancy cleaning. You can check them out here.

The end of tenancy cleaning

This is not a simple cleaning and you shall know that pretty well. It is a deep, specialized clean-up that aims to bring the rented accommodation in the same wonderful condition you found it, when you first moved in. This cleaning ends with inspection and this inspection ends with the decision whether you will have your security deposit back or not. And when it is all about money, you better not take any risks and trust the professionals. Or differently said, hire one of the best London’s cleaners and be sure that you are done with this stuff.17233058042_e2d62cb965_o

The space planning

That move out thing is coming to an end, you are going home at the end of the day and there is a place full of boxes and things and you could hardly step on the floor, so you are getting mad. Well, plan the space organization in advance and within an hour you will be able to arrange everything nicely thus. What you need to do is to find out where every single thing belongs before you go there and notice that mess. With the help of a few friends, you will have dinner on the dining table of a perfectly arranged home.

The papers

No matter if you are leaving that rented property to go to another rented one or you have finally managed to buy a home, this move out process is undoubtedly connected with a lot of papers you need to take care of. Read. The new rent agreement is something you should be aware of and the papers about the mortgage or the loan, as well.

Let the Kitchen Mess Finally Disappear

You love your kitchen. It is the place you could be creative, the one you could use your imagination and be alone in. The kitchen is the place where all the magic happens. But unfortunately, all the messes happen there, as well. So instead of enjoying the time you have there, in most of the cases you are cleaning and coping with some kind of mess that someone has created. There is no fun and no magic then. Only hard work. There is a way, however, to make everything back bright and shiny and to bring your happiness to a higher

Be organized

Now you would most probably tell me that if only you are being organized nothing could be changed and the mess will be still there. However, one thing is for sure. If you create a nice organization, then the other people you are living with will try being as organised as possible. if you go come after you have done the shopping and you arrange everything nicely as it is supposed to be, I am sure that there won’t be plastic bags full of goods and boxes out there anymore.

Be fast. This is the main rule of cleaning

You are either fast or you are late. If you clean that red carpet stain, using spirit or another colourless alcoholic drink right now, you will succeed, if you procrastinate for a while you will have a lovely stain for the rest of your life. Be fast and forget about leaving the work you could do today for the tomorrow. And if you are striving for perfection, start cleaning as you go. Thus your home will never be in such an awful condition. It is as simple as that.

Top 3 Outfits Perfect for Any Occasion

If there is one thing that is super annoying, this is for sure deciding to go out for the day or for the night and spending hours in the closet, not being able to decide what to wear. This is the nightmare of every woman and let’s be honest of many men, as well. But what if I tell you that it could be much easier if you have a few back-up plans? They always work, don’t they? And when we are talking about clothes, choosing what to wear, when you have no time, would be much easier if you have prepared a few outfits in advance.6458297021_7840925d4c_o (1)

The casual outfit

This one is for an afternoon tea with that friend you haven’t seen for a while or for a walk in the park with your beloved one. It has to be comfortable and to look fancy as well. The simple decision is a nice pair of skinny jeans, ripped ones, for sure, which you can combine with a cosy sweater and pair of boots. Complete the outfit with a few pieces of jewellery and a big handbag.

The casual, but dressy outfit

The occasion is the same, but here you want a classier and girlier look. So my advice is to rely on a nice colourful dress. The bag for this outfit much be smaller and the accent should be on the jewellery. Choose even a nice lip-gloss that will fit your outfit in advance.

The festive outfit

The occasion is special. You are either going to party, to a date, to your mother’s birthday or whatever thing that requires more festive look. Here you can rely either on a plainer dress or on a nice pencil skirt. The shoes are mandatorily high and the bag is a clutch. Pure perfection.